So weeks ago, I became agitated and restless for what I don’t know. I told one of my aunties that I feel like going somewhere, I wish there is no Covid-19, (Covid -19 has become new excuses from dodging away from our responsibilities. I called it EVE)
I could have gone on vacation to Memphis. She suggested a few places I could go to within Chicago instead.

I know many of you also think along that line when you run into trouble, thinking running away somewhere else will help you to overcome that problem.

I want you to be sincere, don’t you think in the direction?

Bad News! No matter where you go, your problems and pressures eventually come along for the ride.

Remember, Jacob faced the same saga. He had unresolved issues with the brother, ran to the uncle in another city, and on the way he met with God but cut a deal with God without dealing with the fundamental issues. His life became complicated at his new territory – complex marital relationships and financial abuse by the uncle. Finally, he decided to run away from that place, and then he remembered the brother, he was afraid. Then he remembered the place where he had an encounter with God- settled the matter. The matter was not about his brother but Him.
When he settled with God God helped him with his brother. (You can read his story in Genesis 27-32)

My point is, you can look for solutions in your relatives, in your friends, in prophets, pastors, in marriage, career, or many other places and stuff – I can tell you now, none of them will grant you permanent solutions- only Jesus will. He promises to give you rest from all that is pursuing you to weigh you down, whether within or without you. All you have to do is to come to him. Precisely, what I did after that contemplation I told you about earlier on. I decided to go on a three days retreat within my house for a fresh encounter with God (Mind you there is nothing wrong in having a vacation, but vacation can’t solve your problem. You will come back to it)

So let go of the other things. Just come to Jesus an invitation is waiting for you –

Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis.
Matthew 11:28 TPT

I am a woman. I am a treasure! I refuse to be bogged down by concerns or run from places to places or people to people I will instead run to God the burden lifter for REST AND RESTORATION!

Father, I praise you as the burden lifter. Thank you for the burdens you will lift off our shoulders today and this week. We surrender all that is troubling our souls to you, show us the way out that we may rest for our souls, in Jesus’ name.

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